Sending money to curve card

I read a prior entry that states you can’t send money onto a curve card and curve don’t hold finances however, this is wrong, Curve does hold finances, I sent my brother £1 through the app from my direct-debit to his account, It went into his Curve card, which is fine, he sent the £1 back to me (it was a quick test to see if the feature does work) and I got it in my curve card… once again that’s fine, so why doesn’t
1: Curve admit to the fact they do store finances
2: allow you to send money to your curve-card yourself (the same way you would use a pre-payment card, it’d be great if you had it like that as personally, I’d prefer to keep a good £100 on my curve card for emergency use.)

Just food for thought, as well as a question, Thanks for reading any information on this, would be greatly appreciated.

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