Sepa as an option

I’m not sure how easy it is to set up but in Germany I have an EC/Maestro card from my bank. But this card has no ability to be used online as it doesn’t have the standard numbers so I have to have a credit card account as well which has a low(ish) limit and I use it for online only purchases. Now if I wish to use curve in the store I also have to use this card which pushes my limit at certain times of the year like say Christmas which pushes me into having to look for shops that use paypal/amazon pay because then I can pay via sepa directly from my bank account or overpaying my credit card bill into a positive figure.

It’d be nice if I could add iban numbers into the curve app like amazon pay and paypal do and pay directly from my bank account bypassing the need for a credit card go between.

Options at the moment:

Ask your bank for addditional Virtual Vasa/MasterCard connected to same bank account.

Register with Revolut, N26, Monese, TransferWisa or else free accounts and send SEPA to them.

I have plenty of options at the moment that suit me fine. This is about ideas for curve isn’t it? Being able to use curve as a direct access to bank funds is a useful idea and I suspect a sepa agreement might even have reduced fees compared to credit card transactions.

But all these alternative solutions mean I don’t use curve in Germany except for a handful of internet transactions because I’m not going to mess around manually transferring money to revolut from my bank, waiting a working day for it to clear and then using curve when I can just use my EC card directly. People will use the path of least resistance and the only way curve will go mainstream is if curve is the easiest solution to use. This, paired up with the maestro/mastercard dual idea, would allow curve to rapidly become the easiest solution in Germany. As it is right now curve is the most complex solution I have so I don’t use it here very much at all.

Given that most SEPA transactions are not instant, I don’t understand how it could be a better alternative than linking directly to a debit or credit card which would be immediate.

A dual Maestro/MasterCard would present its own unique problems as, from what I understand, it would need to be a locally issued Maestro which may or may not work in neighbouring countries due to local limitations.

Never had a problem using my maestro outside of Germany. But even if it did have a problem then it has the mastercard fall back. And the point is I can go on amazon or paypal, right now, make a payment using my bank account and it happens instantly for me, the user. This is a feature that makes me use these payment methods over directly using a credit card. It is a feature that would benefit curve.

But I’m not going to spend the day defending it from people who don’t understand the issue. IF you don’t have the problem then great for you. But there are a great many people in countries like Germany that will have the issue and it will prevent curve ever becoming the daily driver for people here until a solution is created. It’s up to curve if they feel it’s worth the effort or if it wants to remain a niche product solely for people with a need to have instant access to many credit cards.

I understand what you’re saying but, if this is such a pressing issue then it seems like there are no financial products that currently meet this need except banks. Perhaps there’s a reason why; have you come across any other non-bank products that come close to what you need so we can understand it better?

It’s hard to fully as in the UK paying by bank transfer is generally a no-no because it comes without the (sometimes limited) protections available when using a card.

This is my 3rd country and it’s the first time I have run into these issues so I understand it can be difficult to grasp. But it is very common here in Germany for your debit card to be for physical purchases only. It has just the iban number across it rather than a credit card number and the shops basically do a bank transfer automatically which is much cheaper in fees and why many stores insist on this only and refuse credit cards. Credit cards here are primarily used for online purchases only and it’s standard to get a credit card account automatically along side your bank account. The reason this isn’t an issue for people now is they don’t use curve. I can use my EC card happily in any shop I want to with zero issues. In Germany and in any EU country I have tried to use it in. So it’s not a problem until you want to link it to curve. At this point I can’t because I have no credit card number to give curve which means I am forced to keep my ec card on me. And when I open my wallet it’s easier to just use the EC card because I know it will be accepted as it’s not a credit card and I don’t have a limit to worry about. Thus curve remains ignored.

I’m just putting it here as an idea because if curve could show up as a debit card (maestro) it would make it accepted across Germany instead of limited but that’s someone else’s existing idea already. And if it let me directly charge my bank account it would give me online spending without having to worry about hitting an arbitrary limit set by a credit card company. You asked why such things don’t already exist but they do. Google pay, paypal, amazon, paydirekt, Klarna. All these companies allow me to pay with my bank account rather than credit card online. I can happily continue now as I am but that is a curve free solution which naturally is a bad outcome for curve :wink: If curve entered this space it could allow me to cut out these companies and place curve in their stead and it wouldn’t require the support of the website owner as it does now. That’s a benefit to me and any solution that provides a benefit to their users does better.