Serious GBiT issues today

i’ve tried to move some transactions with go back in time several times today, because app has always said “go back in time unsuccesful”

i’ve checked my underlying cards, and all gbit-attempts were indeed succesful, so i have a lot of “outstanding transactions” now. anyone else with this today?

Hey @tygger,

Unfortunately, we cannot check account/payment related issues here in the community, please contact the customer support via email or use the contact form:

Curve usually just creates an authorization on your card which should disappear automatically within 7-14 business days as long as Curve didn’t capture the authorization.

The difference between an “authorization” and a “charge” is that authorization is just placing a hold on your funds, it’s still in your bank account but unavailable. A charge is deducting the funds and sending it to the merchant.

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if anyone else had the same gbit issues on monday, curve needs to remove all pre-auths manually (and they confirmed they had multiple issues yesterday)

Thanks for your message and I’m sorry you experienced issues with moving transactions. We experienced intermittent issues with processing transactions yesterday, meaning some customers got a decline when attempting to make a payment. You may have also experienced issues with some functionalities in the app.

Could you please provide some details on the transactions you’ve attempted the Go Back in Time feature for?

So we can look into this for you, please provide the following information:

  • Retailer
  • Date of original purchase
  • Amount of transaction

If you could provide this information for all of the transactions, we’ll be able to reverse the authorisations for you. Look forward to your reply.