Serious problems with new National BIN cards

ok, i’m really running out of patience. i have to say curve’s new national BIN cards have serious problems

  • go back in time don’t work with them properly (because of an issue first reported in october, and not yet fixed): 1 GBP = 1 whatever national currency (in my case HUF), so GBIT limit is not 5000 GBP, but 5000 (national currency)

  • there’s a bug with limits: if limits are still displayed in GBP, a lot of users are experiencing another currency issue. if a purchase is 1000 HUF, system counts as 1000 GBP used from daily and yearly limits. this bug was also reported long ago, still not yet fixed

  • on top of that, Hungarian cards (of course starting with Ukrainian 5574 44…) are simply unusable. in my case (and the same reported from a lot of Hungarian users on our national fintech communities) every 2nd-3rd transaction are declined. usually with response code “insufficient funds”, doesn’t matter what underlying card is selected. though transactions are usually declined, amounts are being credited to underlying card in every simple case. i’ve tried to withdraw cash two times from two different ATMs, in both case transaction was declined - but of course underlying card was charged

yes, i’ve contacted support several times, no answer from curve in the last seven days. no explanation, no apology, no nothing. i’ve requested several times to reissue me a working UK BIN, moreover i’ve requested to escalate my case to higher manager level. i can’t accept this from curve, they should have been able to fix these problems long ago

if they are unable to help me with this crap Hungarian card, i want to have my UK BIN back, and they have to give it back to me. i’ve been using curve for two years now, with my previous card i had only one failed transaction. now i have to be happy if i have a succesful transaction

something has to be done from curve’s side immediately


Well, that’s pretty bad and very unfortunate issue. :cold_sweat: I’m sure Curve team is aware of this and I hope they will be able to get this issue fixed soon. :hammer_and_wrench:🪛

Thank you @tygger for sharing your experience and warning us! :pray:

I have the same problem (Hungary). I have paid 2 months of subscription and the 3rd one is approaching. Soon is not a satisfactory timeframe when I am paying for a premium service I cannot use. I am willing to wait until January, but if I cannot use the card after the 3rd month, I will definitely cancel my subscription before the 4th one.

Technically I have not been able to use my card from day 1. Continuous rejections while the amount is locked on the underlying account. So if we consider the information path as Merchant > Curve > Bank > Curve > Merchant, the problem is obviously at the last step on Curve side.

Curve support is technically a non-existent entity. Even bots can handle those useless answers support gives in this situation. At least a bot could be faster.Waiting weeks for a reply is outrageous. If they are indeed aware of the problem, Curve should issue an official communication and compensate the affected customers.

Working for a software company I have a good understanding how these things are handled and my impression is that at the moment developing new features is much more important than fixing issues affecting whole nations. Unfortunately I am living in a country where a 12 GBP spending is translated to a 4 digit value (5000 HUF). If Curve cannot support these currencies correctly, they should not offer services in these countries.


I don’t think so. :thinking: In my opinion the problem is in old POS terminals or unupdated internet payment gateways, where your very new national Curve card’s BIN is translated either as unknown or as foreign (e.g. Ukrainian) and the transaction then gets declined after pre-auth (that’s why underlying card gets charged). :no_entry: If this is the case, then Curve can do very little about it :pleading_face: and it’s up to merchants and payments providers to update their terminals/gateways…

But it’s just my thought, I can of course be completely wrong. :man_shrugging: I’m Curve user just like you.

there’s no pattern. doesn’t matter what terminal or store, decline can occur. i had declines in basically all kind of stores, including internet purchases. so a., something is fundamentally wrong with this BIN range, or b., something is wrong on curve’s side. they need to look and fix this, and not tomorrow, next week or next month, but yesterday

i’ve lodged a complaint, curve has 15 business day to answer

Unfortunately, regional BINs detected as Ukranian is probably not something Curve can do anything about. The BIN range is properly registered with Mastercard as what it should be, as it’s up to the vendors to update their payment platforms on time.

BIN ranges get changed from country to country and reused all the time. Curve and Mastercard have already done their part by getting the BIN range assigned and registered properly, now the vendors have to cooperate.

of course curve could do something. for instance they could stop issuing this BIN range

i’m sure most platforms are already updated, however declines occur constantly. curve has 9 BIN ranges for hungary, but they decided to use only two (5574 4489 and 4490). why? so curve has it’s own responsibility in this

(btw we don’t know, probably nobody knows what’s going on exactly. who cares who is at fault when you cannot use your card)

I agree with tygger, there is no patern. I had some successful transactions at Wolt when I used the virtual card. Wolt has started to reject transactions after I activated my physical card. My card was also rejected by, which is not a Hungarian merchant. We are in the dark and the only feedback to us is a predefined template. Funny thing is that big merchants like DM, Shell immediately reject the transactions while small merchants like tobacco shops seems to be OK.

i really hoped moving to lithuania will solve everything, but of course nothing happened. after 3 succesful transactions i already had a decline paying online. response code was “insufficient funds”, but as usual underlying card has been charged. same old story as in the end of 2020

on top of that hungarian BIN cards have an issue with google as well: after moving to “Vilnius LT” all temporary authorization requests from google generate a unique transaction. of course they are immediately refunded, but on my bank statement i’ll see a lot of 300 HUF charges and separate refunds. this is ridiculous. my wife has a UK BIN card, works as it should, no unnecessary charges and refunds




Try ask the support for a local bin
Its fixed it for me

local bin is the source of all of my problems. so to be honest i only want uk bin, i don’t care how curve will solve it

i’ve already lodged a complaint