Serious problems with new National BIN cards

i really hoped moving to lithuania will solve everything, but of course nothing happened. after 3 succesful transactions i already had a decline paying online. response code was “insufficient funds”, but as usual underlying card has been charged. same old story as in the end of 2020

on top of that hungarian BIN cards have an issue with google as well: after moving to “Vilnius LT” all temporary authorization requests from google generate a unique transaction. of course they are immediately refunded, but on my bank statement i’ll see a lot of 300 HUF charges and separate refunds. this is ridiculous. my wife has a UK BIN card, works as it should, no unnecessary charges and refunds




local bin is the source of all of my problems. so to be honest i only want uk bin, i don’t care how curve will solve it

i’ve already lodged a complaint

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Hi. Did Curve support help you in any way? Has it been solved in any way?

Hey @RadekHfrk, welcome to the Community!

I hope this issue has been resolved for you now @tygger, would you be happy to share an update?

@Curve_Joel @RadekHfrk yeah, since then national bin cards are working as good and reliable as the uk bin cards before. gbit currency issue has been fixed, i was the one who tested it for the engineering team. i messaged support and complaints team so many times they finally fixed it :wink:

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Thank you for the welcome :-). I have the same problem in CZ. Traders do not appear to update the BIN list. Payments are declined. The card is a Ukrainian issuer for them.

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Me and my wife are using our Curve cards :credit_card: literally on daily basis for every transaction and we have got no problems with CZ :czech_republic: BIN Curve cards at all, everything works perfectly with no DCC prompts… :+1:

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As with @tygger, it’s also possible that this is an issue that needs to be addressed by the support team. Have you been in touch with them just yet?

My Curve limits are right. Yes, I am working with support at the moment and it is not closed yet. :wink:

Let us know if the support team are able to get to the bottom of the issue with you!


Hi. The support team stated in their response that they could do nothing about it. Because Curve received from Mastercard this range of cards (which was originally Ukrainian banks), and this range of cards must adhere to. To this extent, they subsequently define it for the Czech Republic.

They promised to intervene with Mastercard to alert their contractors to update their BIN list regularly.

Given that even the Internet BIN sheets in some cases still display this series as Ukrainian banks … I do not know, I do not know, I do not believe in redress.

Today and yesterday, it was not possible to pay at a Czech merchant (ROVODENT), at a Czech T-Mobile, and payments at ČSOB’s payment gateways are not systematically processed.

What can I, as an ordinary person, a Curve customer, do …? :crazy_face:


these declines are usually not related to BIN. are you a verified user (id photos+selfie)? if not, you need to request an identity verification

I’ve had all the verifications a long time ago (I’ve been a user of Curve, Revolut and Wise since 2019).

I never needed a helpdesk during my entire period of use. I’ve always managed somehow.

Of course, it never did with the previous card with the BIN number for Great Britain. The problems did not begin until the delivery of the new card.

That’s why I’m so out of tune now, researching the causes.

how did you try to pay? with physical card or apple pay/gpay? did you activate your new card? if yes did you update apple pay/gpay card details?

I don’t have a physical card available now (black), it’s on its way. So I use the virtual version of the card from the application.

As soon as a new card was issued, I removed the original from Garmin Pay and Apple Pay and inserted the new one.

I re-inserted the virtual card into Apple Pay and Garmin Pay.

The payment in the picture was not made via Apple Pay or Garmin Pay (both declined).

Liftago, Nextbike, T-Mobile payments require that you first enter the card number in their payment gateway and verify it with a small deductible amount (1.00 CZK). It will decline this payment.

Other payments, on the other hand, via Apple Pay or by directly entering the card number will proceed without problems (SHELL, Microsoft, Apple iTunes, etc.).

this is the problem. all of your payments will be declined until you activate your new physical card. my wife receiced her new hun bin in december, because the previous uk bin expired. using the freshly generated virtual card all of her payments were declined until she activated the replacement card. you can try: tap the activate new card button, use the updated card details (expiry date and cvv), and your payment will go through. after this test you can lock your card until you receive it by post

don’t know why this happen with replacement cards, but this is very common i know more users who had this problem. curve’s system doesn’t really support virtual cards, so that’s why you need to activate your new cz bin physical card first

hope this helps!

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Oh no. You didn’t make me very happy. Only then I do not understand why some payments, directly by entering the card number (Microsoft, iTunes, Netflix, HBO, etc.), or via Apple Pay or Garmin Pay (SHELL, Lidl, MOL, etc.) will be made immediately and without problems.

Damn, do some payment systems have any resolution on an active PHYSICAL payment card?

I’d wager that it happens because the people who programmed this part of curve didn’t imagine that people would try to use a new virtual card while they still have the old physical card, and so they didn’t plan what should happen if someone did. Usually people are lazy and wants to do as little work as possible, but in this situation people want to update their card details two times instead of just one, it’s quite surprising

Sure. However, at the moment of issuing the new (yet virtual before the physical arrives), the old virtual (and disappears from the application) and physical cards should not be automatically blocked. And that’s what happened. Then you have no choice but to enter a new virtual one everywhere and wait for the physical one.