Service interruptions

I have now seen this message quite a number of times.

What is it with the Curve back-office process that causes so many “disruptions”?

Side note, I have a number of cards issued by banks and credit card companies and can not remember the last time a card was declined, or there was an “disruption” to their service.

It’s the company they use to process card transactions that is constantly having issues - Starling and Revolut use the same company and have suffered from the same outages :frowning:

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The problem here is that whilst Starling and others are affected in the same way, most people who bank with them (and don’t use Curve) will usually carry other cards with them.

Given Curves USP is that you only need one card, these issues, if they continue at the frequency they are could literally destroy Curves business, so one would expect them to do everything they can to try and prevent this from happening. At least putting pressure on the company to get their issues sorted or potentially exploring the use of other/backup providers.

I get it’s not directly Curves fault but don’t use Curve and you don’t have these issues.

I agree. I wasn’t trying to say it wasn’t Curve’s fault, simply answering a question about why it happened.

Curve have chosen to devote engineering resources to building new features rather than building a reliable payments processor, so any failures are due to that decision and are on them.

Apologies, I didn’t mean to suggest that you were saying it wasn’t Curves fault…it was more of a general statement rather than a direct reply to your post.

Couldn’t agree more with this. What good are all the other features, bells and whistles if the basics don’t work.

If you have to carry other cards with you then you’re Curve card almost becomes the unnecessary extra card.

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I did not get any notifications from Curve today regarding todays possible interruptions, which makes me wonder what principle Curve using to send them? Completely random?

I’m signed up for live system notifications via email (you have to set this up yourself as it isn’t automatic). After receiving an email via this the app notified me 1 1/2 hours later.

That means Curve knew about the issue at least 1 1/2 hours before notifying me (via the app) and from your post it appears to be even worse in so much as some people don’t even get notified :astonished: