Shachar Bialick AMA - Get your questions in now!

Are there any plans to add SEPA transfers? It seems like a killer feature for Europe users.

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in the faq it is indicated that will be given rewards depending on the size of the individual investments.

What will the limited edition Swag Curve package include?

How long will the metal upgrade be free?
Is the physical metal card also included for free?
So the metal plan has no monthly costs?


For metal holders, would it not make sense to allow users to mix and match rewards or perks that current metal holders get? I’d gladly have less rewards I wouldn’t use much anyway. Personally I’d like to have 1 or 2 free lounge visits rather than discounted ones etc. Would we see any customizations in the future?

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People at 70 and over are not dead … They often have some money and they travel a lot, more and more, when it is possible of course. As they have no travel insurances, why would they upgrade from blue to black or to metal? As such, black scheme is not attractive enough and you have to spend a lot of money at 3 retailers only for the cashback to be worthy. What could you do to make black scheme more attractive for those people over 70? If ever you think those people might be interesting?


that would be huge

Hello everyone, thank you for all your questions! Shachar will be answering them at 10am BST today so make sure to check back!


BST British summer time.

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Hi everyone, so nice to be here. You will have heard the news that we are crowdfunding … so exciting. Why? So we can invite our huge community to join the next stage of our growth journey at Curve.


We can’t believe we haven’t done something like this sooner! Thanks for all your questions, let’s jump straight in, I want to answer as many as possible…

This question many of you have been asking about the company finances and our future…here we go:

We’ll be releasing information in our Investor Pitch Deck and you can request this when we go live on Crowdcube. The deck will include our roadmap and business plan. If you want to ensure you’re the first to get access make sure you pre-register. Lots of detail is included and we are happy to answer more of these questions then.


Please could you give us the truthful answer on what is happening with Curve & Amex? If it is dead, that’s fine, it would just be nice to know that, rather than hearing years ago that it’s close to being re-connected and two years later, still radio silence?

The issuing of curve metal cards (& benefits) from the last investment round was delayed by about a year. The year we missed out on was pre-covid where we could have made use of most of the benefits. We were then issued our cards just after covid happened, which meant basically no use of the benefits (fair FX rates, larger free foreign international withdrawals, travel insurance, lounge access, collision car waver, etc.). Are you planning on doing anything to extend the ‘free year’ to your loyal investors? Or are you refunding your paying customers? (most other reward credit cards have been doing similar)

First of all, how are you doing today? I hope that everything is well.

I was wondering when more of the UK features will start rolling out in EU? As it stands, Curve can feel like a second-class product in the EU, especially when subscribed to metal. Also, considering the pandemic that is still going on, will Curve redesign some of the benefits? I personally feel like offers on takeouts or things like movie subscription services would greatly make up for all the benefits that we can’t use at the moment.

Another question, by @BOOM - Many of you are wondering about Curve and AMEX is such a popular card in the US and with Curves expansion can you get AMEX on board?

Amex is still one of our most requested features, so it would be great to have them on board. We’re still in talks with Amex to bring them back to Curve.

The addressable market we are looking at in the US far exceeds Amex customers. There are 1.1tn credit cards in circulation in the US (have a look: • Number of credit cards in the U.S. | Statista) not including debit cards, store cards, or other forms of payment all of which providing rewards similar to those of Amex… In addition, Curve will offer rewards on-top of rewards customers may be getting from their underlying credit cards, which means as a customer you can earn rewards both from your underlying credit cards and from Curve.

We’re really excited to launch Curve in the US as the most rewarding way to pay. This is unique and we’re pumped about it!

Hi Shachar, sorry to labour this point, but why are “we always in talks to bring Amex back to Curve”? Why is it never “here are the concrete things we have done towards bringing Amex back to Curve and here are the timescales we are working to”?


Hello, hope you’re doing well :slight_smile: As you focus on the UK and US markets, I’m afraid you’ll forget the European market. As a fact it is already the case in a way ?

Another question from some of you:
@podgib @JM61 @gordyuk @andreaorazietti @joe22_11
Will you ever get AMEX back company wide?
We understand that our customers who are Amex cardmembers miss the value that Curve provides to them. We believe Amex cares about its customers and listens carefully to their feedback, so I urge you to write to Amex and support our journey to bring Amex back to Curve. We continue to work with Amex in the background to bring Amex back to Curve; it took Paypal 17 years to bring Amex on board. We hope to do it in less time :slight_smile:


This reply is very different to the one given back in 2019, where it was stated that legal action would be taken against Amex and that Curve hoped to have Amex back within the year? What’s changed?

Hi @JM61 - to build a strong partnership we must build trust with our partners. As such we are unable to share the details of our work behind the scenes, but rest assured, we are actively working on it.

What about the other questions we asked previously? Thanks in advance.

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Another one from @Boom (thank you for being so active on our community and being a shareholder of Curve supporting us in our 2019 Crowdfunding!)

Can you clarify your company valuation?
Since our last crowdfunded in 2019, our valuation has gone up by circa 3x (from £202m to £592m) but we do acknowledge that our share price has only gone up by 2.2x (from £3.9586 to £8.6212).
The difference is as a result of dilution, which was mainly driven by the expansion of our employee share option pool (ESOP). This was factored into the series C pre-money valuation. ESOP is one of the key ways for us to incentivise our employees, who are KEY to our success.

We understand that investors have different ways of measuring value, we want to be transparent with our shareholders and so we have disclosed our valuation and share price. Our Pitch Deck will include more detail once our campaign goes live. Pre-register if you haven’t already to be some of the first people to get access.

Bear with me. Only have two hands :wink: