Share 1 debit card across 2 curve cards

Hi THere

Just wondering if it is possible to share 1 debit card across 2 curve cards?

Would be a useful option for me and my children.


One solution would be to ask your bank to issue a second debit card on your account.

If you have a Revolut account (another fintech banking product), you can order additional physical or virtual cards linked to your own account, each of which will have their own unique card number.

If you just want to use the second card with Curve, the virtual card will suffice. The new card number is issued instantly within the Revolut app.

It’s much easier with credit cards - just request an additional card holder

Any news on a joint curve account?

Please see here

Don’t have access. So how is it going?

Strange. I’m getting an error now.

It’s an idea on the community you can vote for, there’s been no official announcement as of yet.

@duberry a 4 was missing in the link above, correct link below:

Already voted on it and it has higher vote than same card in multiple curve accounts. So goodness knows when you’ll start work on it. Ok no worries mate