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I have invested in curve and will like to know what the current value of my holding is.
What is the value of a curve share?

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It is not currently publicly traded, thus the value is hard to calculate or could even be non existent.

Given you’ll never see a “return” here you may as well chalk it up to 0. Any upside you see can then be a bonus.


It will has market value when it’s publicly traded on the market. Right now it isn’t since it’s still a private company.

I invested in curve but will like to sell my shares. Can you please advice how to proceed with this.

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Contact the Crowd funding platform (Crowdcube), where you bought the shares, for the possibilities.
In general, you need to find a person that wants to buy the shares from you.


Hi, I’d be interested in purchasing your shares if you still looking to shift them?

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