Share your experiences with Curve Flex

Calling all Curve Flex users! :mega:

As we continue to roll out Curve Flex’s availability to more and more Curve users we want to hear about the experiences of those who’ve already had a chance to use it!
Is this you? If so, please provide answers to the questions below so that we can continue developing this feature for all Curve users! :raised_hands:

  • Have you experienced any unforeseen, emergency payments that Curve Flex has freed up money for? Examples of this could be university payments, car breakdown, boiler breakdown, an unexpected bill or even just the recent holiday period! If so, please could you explain how Curve Flex helped with this?

  • How has Curve Flex benefited you?

  • Does Curve Flex help you to manage your money better and, if so, how?

  • Would you be happy to speak to the media about your experience of Curve Flex?

Thanks in advance for your help, we’re looking forward to taking your feedback! :memo:


Does the Curve flex account get reported to credit reference agencies?

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Hey @Daddykay. Curve will report each use of Curve Flex as separate single loans to the relevant bureaus. However, we’ve also specifically created this process so that these individually reported loans will not impact your credit score in the same way that multiple credit accounts would do.


Thank you for this info. Let me wait for support to get back to me. I opted out of Flex on 21.01 but they have sent me an email that I have been approved.


I mean for me, curve flex was fine in regards to flexible payments, with the unique benefits of being able to charge any card a good one to have. What I find funny though is I’ve now been kicked off the scheme with my credit rating being cited, despite having a score of 710. Not sure what’s happened there but hey, I though the new APR was too high anyway, particularly when there are usually free alternatives.

If you want some further advice, having no visual distinction between payments which are flex ones vs normal ones is incredibly annoying, particularly for someone who uses go back in time regularly. Lead to some confusion seeing transactions popup on my feed without realising those were flex repayments.

Also the notifications could still do with some work. Half the time they didn’t work.


They use Equifax for their credit searches. Check your Equifax report. You can get it free from ClearScore


Equifax/Clearscore is where I got it from! Which is why it doesn’t make sense.

Thanks for this insight @Emeka, this is really helpful feedback!

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Hi! I have been quite happy with Curve Credit / Curve Flex! I found it quite straightforward! It did not save my life but I like the fact of being able to pay the expenses for my holidays over 12 months :slight_smile:. I have a question though about what I think it is a recent change… I used to be able to flex my transactions and put them on a credit card for repayment however, now it seems to not be allowed anymore. Is this a temporary issue or rather a definitive policy?

Hey Davide, it’s great to see you back on the Community!

I’ve checked this with the Curve Flex team and have some answers on this available to you.

It’s possible that you would have been able to ‘Flex’ a transaction using a credit card during our Beta stages while we were working out the kinks but this is not part of our vision for Curve Flex as we don’t want Curve users to pay credit with credit. This choice was made to protect potentially financially vulnerable Curve users.
Despite this limitation of not allowing Credit cards to be selected for monthly repayments, we do allow one off repayments (partial or full settlement) to be made by credit cards to still give you an extra degree of control.

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Hi Joel,

Thanks for your reply and of course that sounds sensible! Great to hear that you also allow to make one off full settlement repayments.

I believe there’s plenty of people that for budgeting reasons might want to repay their loans earlier than what they initially chose for their instalment plan. I reckon providing this as a regular in-app function would add an additional degree of freedom to the user experience :slight_smile:

I completely agree that there should be an easy way to pay off the remainder of the balance for a transaction if that is something the user wants.


@Curve_Joel - someone needs to call me regarding mine. I’ve had mine in use with 1 payment taken automatically so far. This month payment has failed and now I’m being pressed within the app (without being notified - it’s only as I went to Flex something else and couldn’t that I realised) to process it on the SAME card that HAS MONEY and yet failed to take? No explanation. Not even an attempt as Lloyds have nothing their end of a failed charge? Yet I’m being told I’ve ‘missed the repayment’ and ‘you will be charged £6 late fees’ within the App!?! How damaging must this be to someone who handles money with slight anxiety that they never want to mess up? I’ve NEVER missed a financial payment in the 13 years of being the age. This was a mistake on Curves side surely (?) to not take the automatic payment to the card that’s showing in the Flex settings? Instead now I have used PayPal again for a purchase.

I’ve hit ‘process payment now’ and have been told it will be done in 24 hours, BUT I couldn’t speak to anyone at Curve? Only available to chat Monday to Friday 9-5 and the BOT had no answers. Not impressed. I so hope this doesn’t go against my Credit Score as I’ve worked so hard to build what I have for something that I relied upon Curve to sort automatically like it has done….

Oh and to add to the Credit Score discussion above, my ClearScore Report has flagged CurveCredit as a HARD SEARCH and knocked 110 off my score…

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UPDATE: So someone in Customer Services contacted me on chat earlier and it turns out they aren’t sure themselves as to why it hasn’t automatically taken, why it’s flagging the message and to give it until Wednesday…

Hey @JoshuaBoots, was this resolved on Wednesday for you as hoped or have you heard from the support team again?

Hi @Curve_Joel - I raised Wednesday as it was still unresolved. Someone confirmed there was a back-end issue with payments and that they’d come back to me with confirmation of when payment will now be taken. Since then I’ve heard nothing and the app is still telling me I am late on payment, not paid an instalment and still cannot ‘flex’ payments…

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Just got an invite to check my eligibility, but getting “Somethin’s gone wrong” as soon as confirming one’s address? Restarting the app doesn’t seem to make any difference.

And now this message. I’ve tried to pay it twice manually and been told it’s Curve’s fault and payment will be taken… now not hearing back from Customer Services.