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Hey @JoshuaBoots, sorry for missing this issue in this thread! Is the problem back or does it remain resolved as we chatted about by PM?

Hey @lord_gruntfuttocks, welcome to the Community!

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with signing up for Curve Flex fully. It’s likely this issue has been caused by an error on your account rather than in-app. Have you been in touch with the support team about this yet?


It was a data validation error at your end. When entering the address, while the first field states it is optional, it is in fact, mandatory (or at least it was in my situation). It was case of putting the house number in the first field and then the rest of the house “name” in the first line of the address. That allowed the system to progress.

Could do with more useful error messages :wink:


All resolved as far as I can see! Appreciate your efforts.

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My account has gone into ‘Account Under Review’ with no warning or context as to why :man_shrugging:t3:

Hey Sam, sorry for missing this message before. Have you been in touch with our customer support team to discuss this yet?

Hey everyone, if you’d like to know more about Flex directly from its CEO, Paul Harrald, then get involved over at our AMA here :point_down:

Please bear in mind that this topic is for general queries and discussion and not to escalate customer support queries.

Hi Joel, I did get in touch with support and they cleared up why my account was under review.

It would definitely have been a better experience had I been informed about this through a notification or email rather than discovering it myself and having it explained to me why it happened. I don’t think it would have heard if I hadn’t reached out first.


I’m a new customer with some questions:

  • When will curve flex be offered to me?
  • Will curve flex do a hard pull with every repayment plan set up by me?

Hey @Oliviab, welcome to the Community and I hope you’re enjoying using Curve so far!

Currently, the best way to check if you’re eligible for Curve Flex before being contacted by the Curve team or accepting the option available in the app once it appears to you is to reach out to our customer experience team directly. They can check your eligibility right away for you there.

With the second question, there’s a soft search during your application for Curve Flex - this has no bearing on your credit file. After you’ve taken out your first loan, there is a single hard search which can impact your credit file but only in the short term.

It’s worth taking a moment to review the official wording surrounding Flex in our T&Cs if you’re still concerned. :grin:

How does flex work when the underlying card is a credit card? I made a purchase on June 3. I decided to try flex on this transaction a couple of days ago, however I don’t see that transaction reversed on my credit card balance. I do see however on my curve app a credit of the same amount paid into my curve account, but that’s not reflected on my underlying credit card balance.

Went from £3,000 to £5 limit :joy::joy: never used curve flex, definitely won’t now with the £5 limit. I’ll keep using the much better Monzo Flex limit of £5,000.

Don’t spend it all at once :joy:

Don’t think I’ll even be able to treat myself to a Starbucks

Hey @joao1227, it sounds like you may not have received your refund yet. Much like regular refunds, refunds with Curve credit can take up to 5 working days to appear in your account, depending on your bank.
Using a credit card for Flex transactions shouldn’t have any impact, though it’s worth noting that Credit Cards cannot be used to make monthly repayments on Flex. :grin:

Hey, it’s likely that your Flex limit has been reduced because our system doesn’t have visibility on your bank accounts for an affordability check. So that our system can conduct its checks, we encourage you to maintain open banking with Curve.

You can do this through the Curve app by clicking the little cog/settings icon in the Curve Flex section. You’ll have the option to activate/ re-activate Open Banking there!