Shared payments

Having the ability to split transactions would be useful. This maybe by a % or actual amount.

Additionally, an announcement when there are issues resulting in possible declines useful

A nominal cash account, phantom ie no actual card used… would be useful ie when cash drawn & ability to have that in this account for items paid in cash

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Hey @baassociatesintl :wave: Welcome to our Community! :grin:

That’s a great idea and it may be something our product team is already working on, I’ve passed on the feedback to them :slightly_smiling_face:

We do have a status page that you can visit and you can also subscribe to updates on.

Could you elaborate on this idea? I don’t quite get what you mean.

This was the main objective of
Unfortunately, the service will close soon.

Hello !

I think i saw months ago a project to be able to link the same credit card with several Curve card, in my case this would save lot of money to my company.

For personnal use I’m sure couples would be happy to share the same credit card.

Thanks for your feedback