Shares sold, Curve Card not refunding the full amount of the sale

Last week on Thursday the 14th of May, I used the curve card to buy £200 worth of shares and the next day the 15th of May, I bought another £100 of shares. On that same day 15th I sold all my shares worth around £500 (a profit of £200 in a day, amazing I know). Today 18th of May I have 4 refund notifications on my phone, saying I have £100 + £2.97 + £50 + £100 = £252.97 there is still quite a lot missing from the refund and also, the 2 transaction I did on the 14th and 15th that I mentioned above have disappeared from the Timeline in the app, but can be seen in my bank account, this is very confusing and worrying. Can someone explain why was this not treated as a simple £500 chargeback and more important, where is the rest of the refund?

Hope someone can clear this out, I’ll keep and eye on my bank account in the meantime, as the refund still isn’t showing there.

Please contact curve support via email

Thank you, email sent.

Kind Regards.