Shell cashback perk not working correctly in Nordic countries

Shell petrol stations here in Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden and Norway) use both Shell and St1 brand. St1 and Shell have merged, St1 owns all Nordic Shell stations, same company now.

Even though petrol stations are Shell, their official mobile payment app is called St1 and payment terminal often uses St1 name.

Because payment is sometimes not shown as “Shell” but “St1”, Shell Curve 1% cashback perk does not work correctly. Please could you fix this so that both Shell and St1 payments are honored as they are the same.

Just recently Plutus Card started to honor the alternative brand names of Shell which trigger the Shell perk:

List of valid alternative brand names:

Some brands have a different official name in specific countries. In order to make perks work with them, we need to manually add them as valid brand names that would trigger the perk. This is the current list of valid variants added:


  • St1
  • Dilu Red
  • Avia
  • Coral Energy

Would be great if Curve would do the same (would make Curve the best cashback payment method for Shell).



@jjrosenberg Great detail describing issue!

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This also happens to me with Carrefour, if you contact support, they should manually add the cashback. Also mention the merchant name change and ask if they add it to the current ones.

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Yeah, no response from support. Imagine that :upside_down_face: It’s not convenient to contact support every month for the same issue and wait many days, sometimes weeks and still the root of the problem remains unfixed. Sollution is not customer support but devs code to include St1 transactions to trigger Shell cashback perk.