Shipping address and main residency address

Hey, I want to become a new costumer here in Europe and get the Curve Card before I travel soon. I am currently in my “second home”. Can I order the card to another address than my main residency address (= ID address), e.g to my second home or my companies address?

If so, how does it work, which documents should I provide to prove the address? Should I just put my second address as my address, or is there an option to specify a delivery address, so I could put my first one in and still get the card shipped here?

Or does it all not work and I should rather wait till I am back home at Christmas?

Hello @userm,

I recently changed my shipping and home address by contacting support. The address you see in the app is used as the billing address! I’ll paste a line from support:

The change you made in the app was for the billing address.

I hope I was helpful.

Probably it’s possible by support as somebody said… no option available inside the app anyway.

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