Shopping online with Curve

I’d like to make my my first online purchase with Curve but I don’t know how.
For example on Aliexpress I have to choose a bank or blik option.
How can I select the Curve card?

if you want to pay with Curve you need to select Mastercard as payment method.

I still can’t make my first purchase though. The payment was declined both in a shop and now online. My debit card is valid and my Curve card has been activated.

Have you definitely got your debit card selected in the Curve app and not the Curve cash card?

Yes, there is a curve watermark on my debit card

And it’s selected in my wallet

lock your card for 10 minutes then unlock.
Your first card payment must be in a store not online.

Hey guys, your first payment doesn’t need to be made in store / with Chip and Pin. @Spooky I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team at so they can have a look at your account and see what the issue is.


Where do I start?

To make your first purchase, please make sure that you have an active Curve Mastercard® and a funding card selected in your Curve app. Your first transaction with Curve must be Chip & PIN - this is for security reasons.

so, Curve removed this rule, @Hannah ?

Hey @FlareCO, I don’t think this has changed but I think the wording just needs to be updated. We recommend using Chip and Pin for the first transaction for security reasons. However, if you’re unable to get to a physical terminal, especially during these times, you’ll still be able to make your first transaction by contactless or online. Regular bank cards usually require Chip and Pin to activate the card but as you activate your Curve card in the app with the last 4 digits, it’s not 100% necessary to use Chip and Pin then.

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You add the curve card as Mastercard in Aliexpress. Then of course your underlying card need to have sufficient funds (if a debit card) or you have to select a credit card as underlying funding card.

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