Shops/Markets not listed to my country?

Hello all. :slight_smile:

I just got my card and I wanted to ask about Retailers Selection.
I have option to choose shops between 2 lists: “My Country” and All Countries.
But under category “My Country”, I can see barely 3 shops available, while in “All Countries” I can see shops, including physical markets, like Tesco, Netto etc. which also exist in my country.

So the question is - Does it mean I won’t receive 1% cashback if I pick them, because they are not “supported” in my country (because not listed under my country)??


Hey Naisui - welcome to the Community :grinning:

The retailers shown in “My Country” are the retailers specific to your country and the “All Countries” section shows all the retailers available. If there are retailers showing under “All Countries” that operate in yours, you are able to select those to earn your cashback. Have a great day!

Hey, thank You and You too. :slight_smile:

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