Shout Out to Team Curve

Its Friday afternoon, many of us about to pack up after a long hard week at work and enjoy a couple of days rest (despite a reduction in what you can do with the issue that is COVID-19). For others, such as the guys over at Curve, that’s not the case. I thought I’d flip from the mixed-negativity over on the other thread, just to say that I appreciate their time and what now needs to happen and at the speed that it will need to go at! Good luck, and thanks and try not to burn yourselves too much into the ground - doing a great job despite what has been raised!


I couldn’t agree more @JoshuaBoots!

Good luck Curve staff, I’m sorry this wasn’t the weekend you expected. At least you started the work to bring things in house a few months ago, so hopefully you are quite far and just need to sort a few things.


Indeed. No doubt there’s a manic few days, if not weeks, ahead. The person or persons that raised concerns and those who set into motion the need move away from Wirecard need a promotion, you have likely saved Curve! Bear in mind at the time the decision was announced, Wirecard shares were high and their executive team had consistently managed to put out fires left and right, quashing investor concerns.

And big thanks to Dan McCrum (, the Financial Times reporter who stedfastly followed his nose on Wirecard for the last five years despite being on the receiving end of threats, lawsuits from Wirecard (and the German regulator, BaFin!), as well as being a victim of hacking attempts along with others critical of Wirecard.

It’s quite an extoridany story of a complex fraud, a regulator that was either in on it or turned a blind eye, and EY, Wirecard’s auditors, who will take yet another hit to their reputation, having signed-off accounts for years.

And while the FCA have thrown a spanner in the works for those who rely on Wirecard, they should be congratulated in stepping in so quickly to secure the asssets of Wirecard Card Solutions, the wholely owned UK subsidiary of Wirecard AG, the DAX-listed German company at the heart of the fraud.

Here’s a video recap by Dan for anyone interested:


Best thread I’ve read today! No doubt there’s been a lot of negativity about Curve in various threads, but ultimately its a set back which I’m sure the team at Curve is working really hard to overcome. The fact that they already had plans to move away from Wirecard means they’re in a much better position than many other firms who may have not even thought this could happen.

All the very best of luck to the whole Curve team, this too shall pass! :grin:


Indeed. What’s more, many Fintechs that rely on Wirecard might not survive - more business for the likes of Revolut and Curve who migrated or almost migrated off Wirecard :slight_smile:

For sure I agree with the sentiment in this thread. It is normal for people to just complain and see the negative most of the time. This was by no means a crisis of Curve’s creation. The guys at Wirecard are just pure evil geniuses :scream: who ran such an elaborate scheme to swindle billions out of investors. This was one hell of an illusion (if it wasn’t so evil one might even say an impressive one). It’s like these guys took a picture of a bank vault and then convinced the world that inside there was €2 billion they made out of thin air and almost everyone believed. I wish I could tell my bank that my mortgage is paid in full and the money is there in their account :sweat_smile: and they would believe me too! :joy::joy::joy::joy:. So no, this is not Curve’s fault and I am confident this will actually make them stronger and better than ever. If I was a programmer I would have offered my help but for now I just wish them all the best as they work tirelessly to resolve this problem. I can’t wait to use my awesome Curve card again but for now I have to go into the attic and see if I can find those ancient cards…


Perhaps Curve ought to consider selling their technology to provide payment functionality for Fintech’s that are currently reliant on Wirecard :face_with_monocle:

Just seen the update about the expected functionality on Monday, huge congratulations on the quick turnaround!


Amen! 48 hours and they’ve turned it around to being able to start using again is phenomenal!!!


@Curve_Marie please pass on my thanks and gratitude to the team that have worked non-stop over the weekend to make sure that by Monday we are able to use our cards again! That must’ve been one stressful weekend!! Much appreciated!


I hope there are a few coffers in the bank for everyone to have a little party when everything is back up and running :clinking_glasses:

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If not, I will have a whip round this forum to make sure they do!!


But might have to wait a day or two much untill Curve Send is availalbe yet. Though am sure most people here have Monzo so Monzo transfers are instant too… :slight_smile:

“Alexa, play “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child”

Love it Curve Team, the team must be so nice and funny people :smiley:


You’re like made the end of their email…

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Great work, was fully expecting a much longer delay.


This has been an incredible effort by Curve. Getting things back up and running so quickly is amazing, and the communication has been superb. It’s restored a lot of the faith I’ve lost in Curve over the last year or two. Well done to all involved!

Hopefully this spurit of engagement, openness, and honesty continues once this crisis has passed :slight_smile:


Congrats to Team Curve, you’ve pulled it off in less than 3 days. Good job. image
Many thanks


I will add though, that I feel like I have cheated on Curve by having to use my Lloyd’s Bank Card that I’ve not touched (no idea what the PIN number is!!!) in almost 2 years… :man_facepalming:t3::grimacing:!

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Just read the email and I’m not surprised! We all knew Curve was already working on a plan to get away from Wirecard, and this shows their preparation has been superb. Many many congratulations to the whole Curve team, I’m sure it hasn’t been easy to turn things around in such a short span of time.

Only further strengthens my belief and loyalty to the firm.

@Curve_Marie Please pass on a huge kudos to the entire team at Curve :slight_smile:

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