Show Fronted transactions, and provide details on free limit remaining

Now there is a fee for going over £10k on Fronted transactions, can you please show which transactions are classified as “Fronted” in the wallet, and also track monthly spend so we know when we’re approaching our limit.

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Far more clarity on the “fronted” feature.

After incurring a charge I raised a question with the chat feature and received an ambiguous reply. I further raised the question the contact page and received no response! Less than impressed so far.

The response I received stated:

As of 1st of December 2021, we charge a 1.5% service fee on the total transaction value in excess of the limit per calendar month. Since this change to our Terms of Service was communicated 60 days before it was implemented (we sent an email to our entire customer base on 30.09.2021).

Not being a member at that time I wouldn’t have received this communication, to which I still do not know its contents.

The T&C/FAQ/Fair usage pages reflect that there is a charge for the transaction once the £10,000.00 limit has been reached. However, if you look at the page the this only reference falls under the heading for customers outside the UK???

The comment need urgent clarification with regards to the “1.5% service fee on the total transaction value in excess of the limit per calendar month”.
Is a total limit £10,000.00 or £10.000.00/month??? As this directly affects future use/availability of the fronted feature.

Whilst on the whole I am happy with Curve I am somewhat disappointing with how some of the financial transactions and requests for help have been handled.

£10k per month.

Thank you.

Wished I had known that before hand, would have made thkngs very different.