Show name on front of card

The metal card from Revolut shows your full name on the front of the card and the rest of the information on the back. Personally I prefer that, I think it looks really sleek. Maybe you can make that an option for future Metal/Black cards? I’d love that!

Since they have now gone with the “design feature” of having your name on the back of the cards for all the cards they offer. I really don’t think they will be reversing it any time soon.

They don’t have to. I said add it as an option for Metal/Blacks for those who wants it :slight_smile:


I strongly doubt it will be actioned because of my above comment but you never know stranger things have happened.

Here is another thought, will Curve spend quite a lot of money on setting up one off card manufacturing orders for the very few people that want their names on the front of the cards? They might pass on their costs to the person that orders it. Fancy paying £££ per card?