Shunt transactions

Is there a way to shunt transactions?
For example, for all transaction made in a restaurant Curve use a specific card.


This would be a very useful feature!

Added to this, if it was possible to select a different card for different retailers. For example, I would like to source all Ocado purchases from a shared household card account while my default option would be my private credit card.

Just an observation here, why use Curve for Ocado or other set up ongoing retailers unless you’re talking about a one off purchase it’s an on line purchase so you don’t physically carry a card. They take anything (Amex in my case) so why use up limits on the curve card?

Because Ocado is a Curve cashback option and the payment is to be taken from a joint account debit card.

Sounds like a good reason. I don’t seam have that option pre Feb 18 card maybe?

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The scenario you are describing is a good use case for the smart rules we are currently investigating - Curve's Product Roadmap.

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