Simple, effective, clever - and it just works ☺️

It’s been a while but I’m now back in the game….
Setting Curve as my ApplePay preference has reminded me why I signed up in the first place :grin:.

So I get the cashback through Curve and an additional 1% with my Chase card (and 3% if I purchase through Amazon).

What’s not to like. Thanks Curve :open_hands:


You won’t get the 3% for Amazon purchases if you use Curve. You just get the standard 1%.

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Why would “stacking” of cards work? Amazon only knows that this is a Curve card and would not know that underlying a Chase card is used.

AFAIK there is no use-case where this would be supported except crypto-cards where I pay something with Curve via my CDC card at Amazon and then for example get in addition to my Curve cashback also my CDC cashback.

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Just to be safe, I’ve taken the Curve card out of the chain (particularly sensible as I realise now I don’t now qualify for the Curve 1% anyway :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

All good now.

Here is a use-case. Vivid (Prime) gives cashback when you use their card at certain retailers. When using your Curve card at those retailers, with your Vivid card selected as underlying card, Vivid will still give you their cashback and you will also get your Curve cashback (if applicable).

All depends if the retailer gives cashback for using a certain card (stacking most of the times not possible) or if the card-issuer/bank gives cashback when you spend at certain retailers (stacking might be possible, depending on how is decided if you have spent at that specific retailer).

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