Ski / Winter Sports cover on Metal Card?

New to curve, given it’s target market I completely expected winter sports/skiing to be covered on the travel insurance (as it is with several competitors in this sector here in the UK). I had to do a fair amount of digging and eventually call AXA who also had to read through the policy, to be told ski trips aren’t covered and no add-on is available to buy. This isn’t shown as an obvious significant limitation or exclusion on the IPID either.

What’s the point of having a card aimed at the premium market, which doesn’t cover skiing/winter sports trips? Would be like saying golf is also excluded.
Quite frustrated as I like the other benefits of the card, but if I now have to go buy ski cover elsewhere, I may as well take out an account with Nationwide, Virgin, Co-op, Halifax etc all of which charge similar or less and include winter cover. Even Revolut include it for £12.99 a month…

Curve any plans to change this soon? Even the AXA representative was surprised when they discovered (after reading through) that it wasn’t covered on a premium plan.

Curve exists in a kind of parallel universe. Whatever your experiences of a financial services company elsewhere are likely to be different here. That particularly relates to clear information - a lot of their documentation has been woefully out of date - or anything approaching normal levels of responding to customer queries. This is where customer services exists via Twitter and Facebook.

On insurance if you search the forum you’ll see there are several discussions on the cover offered. Curve are reluctant to reply to queries and if they do, eventually, and that is, ‘if’, don’t don’t expect clarity. The best sources of information are AXA or what people have discovered here through trial and error.

It’s a crazy situation but that’s Curve!

Have you tried looking into other travel insurance providers that offer winter sports coverage and using your Curve card to make the purchase? That way, you can still take advantage of the other benefits of your Curve card while also getting the coverage you need for your ski trips.
As for Curve’s plans to change this, it’s best to reach out to their customer support team and inquire about any potential updates or changes. In the meantime, you might want to check out for other more sports news and information you might need in travels.

Thanks for the response. Of course my only option now is to purchase it elsewhere, but in a highly competitive market for these type of accounts Curve is way behind the rest. Pretty much all other firms include this as standard for about the same of less per month so seems very odd Curve have excluded it.