Slowly being put off by this service

Time for a rant.

I’ve had this card since the start and I love it. It’s really handy and I enjoyed getting rewards from the retailers I regularly use.

Now I’m becoming very unhappy with the product. Mainly because of all these changes that are supposed to make this service better but just seem to be confusing and costing us more.

I have no idea what service I now get if I stay as a free member. Are they getting rid of the rewards programme? Will I have to pay a tenner or £15 just to get any benefits from this card now?

I have not been offered any of the new services you all seem to be getting. I can’t get any decent clear concise info from anywhere. The app and website are just terrible. I have to read through these posts to find out what’s being offered and what the benefits are supposed to be. And any info I do get it seems to change every few months.

Is it not worth using this card now if you want to remain a free member?


It really would help if you let us know what card you have. Blue or black legacy as that would help in answering your question.

Okay that’s fine, I have a black card but apparently I’m on Blue legacy.

See what I mean about confusing? I only found this out by looking at the forums then contacting you.

How am I supposed to know what I’m on if you can’t even tell me via correspondence? Do you not have that info in front of you when I email? Is it not on the app?

I’m getting the impression this card is turning into more trouble than it’s worth. I would hate for something to go wrong and I can’t get the answer on your website or the app. I have to contact you and hope you know what you’re doing. And you expect people to pay £15 a month for this?

Or am I way down the waiting list because I don’t pay?


I’m only a Curve community user just like yourself no more no less. You’re a blue user so you are on the free product so you don’t have to pay anything.

If you want help from the Curve team instead of a fellow user then contact them via the help and support tab or email them at I hope this has helped but if you have any other questions just send another message on here and me or somebody else will endeavour to help you.

P. S. It’s £15.00 only if you plan to upgrade to a metal card otherwise it’s £9.99 per month for Curve Black.

Apologies, I did contact support and I thought I was replying to them.

I’m awaiting their reply about this as well. Thanks for your input though. It has helped.

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Not really good enough for a supposed financial services firm though is it. You need to be able to call someone and get issues sorted on the spot in emergencies.

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Well it is what it is. They have a lost and stolen 24/7 number which is +44 (0) 20 33 222 585 but to be honest as far as I am concerned everything else can wait.

There are plans for Android/Apple Pay so watch this space.

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There have been plans for a long time. It’s usually a way for a company to brush over criticism. Could you point me to a proper breakdown of said plans?

I’m not sure why it was needed to hide my post. The topic is about no longer using the service and I chimed in with my opinion.


I’m on the free, legacy Black Curve card.

For me it’s been pretty simple.

  • The card remains free.
  • I stay on exactly the same reward system as before.
  • When I travel I use the Curve card and trust I’m getting a good exchange rate.
  • I’m on a trial of the travel insurance, gadget insurance etc, which I ignore because they will end soon.
  • That’s it!

I’m happy.


Rather well put, @philip :slightly_smiling_face:

Im on the free Legacy plan. I’ve recently started receiving 1% cashback at 3 retailers of choice again. I don’t know how that happened but I’m not complaining!

Just a note on emergencies. The Curve card only links your other cards to it. So if the card doesn’t work for any reason (Tesco pay at pump) just use one of your other cards. I keep another card in my phone case.

I don’t see Curve as a financial institution like a bank or credit card provider so I don’t expect the same level of service from them.

To me it’s just a way of organising my spending. I like being able to write notes on transactions so I can search for a specific item I bought etc.

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But one of the main selling points is that Curve replaces all your cards, and you leave them at home. Many customers (like me!) rely on Curve to just work, and really appreciate the team’s efforts to send notifications in advance of downtime so I can take another card with me.


I would actually really appreciate it if Curve would work on their own payment processor and try to reduce downtime - rather than warning ahead just try ensure it doesn’t happen.

My underlying bank card has not had downtime besides when Visa itself went down since as long as I can remember.

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Is two or three hours on an occasionaly basis really much of a hassle to you? If you’re going to absolutely need to make a payment, no card can be guaranteed to always work so really it’s worth carrying a second just in case. If you’re not going to absolutely need to pay for expensive stuff, just take a phone with Apple Pay/Google Pay just in case?

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Yes, if my card declines it’s embarrassing. I don’t want to carry another when the entire purpose of Curve is to put all of my spending through it.

Never had another card fail me unless it was during an actual outage, my point stands. I had a single card for years before touching Fintech and I never had any downtime for my card itself - the app, sure, card? Nope.

But I want all of my spending through my Curve (besides my AmEx spending)

I just don’t see how Curve wants to be the one card I use while telling me it has downtime.

I need it to work, every second of every day.

If there’s downtime they need to mitigate it and remove it. Production server fails? Auto restart it or roll backups out so it’s back up in minutes, not hours.

Should Curve not increase their availability to this high level, at the very least they should credit Curve cash should you have to do transactions on another card :slight_smile:

Is that reasonable?

Given that Curve claim on their website that “It’s the only card you need to carry”, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect close to 100% reliability.

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Agreed, we’d expect that from all banks. Obviating all downtime, though, isn’t realistic.

And the common-sense point about always carrying a fall-back card still stands.

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Or some cash and a phone with Google or Apple Pay :slight_smile:

According to their site ( in the last three months they were operational about 99,57% of the time with three occurrences of planned maintenance during the night and an intermittent outage of about 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Doesn’t seem that bad to me tbh.

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