Slowly being put off by this service

Downtime, as a thing, springs up from time to time, and those with good memories will recall the forum noise when there were seemingly (!) daily outages across all new banks.

The sheer nature of the mobile bank, and instant notifications, is that we are much more aware of events we often never even knew happened.

Motto: Relax (and take a spare :grinning:).

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See below, it sums up my stance entirely.

I have never noticed downtime for my actual card itself for any of my retail banks. Just the apps and online banking.

Forgive me if there has been some but I’ve been trying to find Nationwide downtime stuff and I can’t see unplanned downtime articles since 2017 and I can’t find any remnants of planned downtime for my card making transactions itself.

Of course though that’s just an example - there are other cards I have that I’ve also experienced no downtime on.

All, definitely not. You can come very close to this though. Systems that are forwards compatible for example. i.e. it’s not going to break the old system when you roll out a new change, so you can have both running side by side and distributed by a load balancer. This means that some traffic is sent to one and if it breaks then you can just have all the traffic routed to the old (working) one.

Once the issues are fixed with the new deployment, you roll it out and slowly increase the amount of nodes running the new instances and kill the old ones.

This would in theory allow for nearly 100% uptime - presuming no actual power cut or internet outage in Curve’s server room.

So now I have to take cash - which if I wanted to do I wouldn’t be carrying my cards anyways.

Alternatively I have to rely on a merchant accepting Google/Apple Pay? Not good enough. “It’s the only card you need to carry”

I should be able to get by on my Curve card alone, no phone on me, no watch on me.

Also, Curve markets themselves as ZeroFX and a travel card. Say I’m in Korea and my flight is coming - my card isn’t working. I can’t get into my lounge now, I’m stuck.

I have to pay possibly with cards that have FX fees. Are Curve reimbursing me and contacting the lounge to get me access on the spot?

It’s not good enough.

It’s slightly less of an issue if Curve were to use QR based LoungeKey access (which does exist) but it still isn’t good enough unless Curve are reimbursing costs incurred by lack of service.

I’m aware of this when I try spending and my card doesn’t work. I don’t want to be notified to carry a spare - I want them to apologize for the downtime and commit to reducing it!