Smart Rules Feedback

You’re getting started.

But you still miss the option for choosing a certain card for specific shops/merchants. And then the limit of 3 is not enought.



There should be a category for streaming services. I would like all of them to go to a special card. Now Spotify etc only go to Shopping.


Smart Rules’ current iteration isn’t useful.

We desperately need:

  • Currency rules - so we can finally avoid Curve’s tricky weekend Forex charges. It’s really high time Curve either removes the fees (there’s no valid justification for them - no other fintech card does this), or lets us use Smart Rules to avoid them.

  • Merchant name rules (incl. Fuzzy matching and wildcards)

  • Rules based on the amount that’s already been spent on a card during it’s statement period.

This would be great for e.g. the Virgin Atlantic Credit card which only earns points up to your credit limit every statement period. The User would just have to input their credit limit, and their statement period.

  • Ability to not use a card (or group of cards) if it matches the rule. Currently we can only choose to use a card when it matches the rule.

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) rules - Some MCC codes aren’t eligible for cashback on one of my cards but are eligible on another card.

e.g. Compare MCC cashback exclusion rules for vs Plutus.

This would be very powerful as it’d proactively assign the transaction to the right card, without needing a Merchant Name rule or any other input from the User.

Currently, at least every 30 days, I have to go and check every transaction to see if its earned cashback, and use GBIT to move transactions to other cards whenever cashback hasn’t been earned.

I literally keep a spreadsheet of all the Merchants that aren’t eligible for cashback on

It’s time consuming, and this would be the perfect solution!!


It works well, but some flaws.

For example, if I choose CARD A <£50 and CARD B for >£50, I then want to choose CARD C for >£100.

This way anything under £50 is CARD A, over £50 and under £100 is CARD B and over £100 is CARD C.

If I try to add a rule for CARD C it does not allow it. So the only options are under/over a value and the use of just two cards.


Here’s a couple of other types which would be nice:

  • online, in person, ATM
  • to a specific vendor/retailer

Plus I found a “bug” last night, with pre-authorisation when you pay at pump for fuel. The actual fuel amount was a LOT lower than my rule, but the pre-authorisation amount was just over and met a rule, now the actual amount has been taken from the card with the rule not my regular default one for lower amounts.


can you add a rule with the name of the retailer?


I have set the amount rule: pay with Card A if the transaction is over 50EUR. Today at POS, it did not hit the rule (I paid 56 EUR) and went into the card selected by default, different from Card A.

@Curve_Joel Does it make sense to report such misses? Does it bring any value to the product team to investigate?

Do the smart rules interfere with anti-embarrassment mode?
On Saturday I had a transaction declined because there was insufficient funds on the Chase card which was the selected card and was also to be charged for any transaction below £50. It was the first rule at the top so I guess it had priority.
When this transaction was declined due to lack of funds, anti-embarrassment didn’t kick in

Hey @marian, this would be helpful to flag directly to our customer experience team as it’s not clear on the surface why the app would have behaved in this way. With the additional context of your account information, it’s likely that the customer experience team can shed some light on things so we can decide whether to pass this on to the product team as a bug.

Hey @Daddykay, I’ll check this with the product team for you now and see if I can get the full details on how the two features interact.

Hey again @Daddykay, I’ve found this information in our FAQ on Smart Rules’ priority order.

By design, anti-embarrassment mode should have kicked in during the example you’ve given and I’m sorry you experienced a decline instead. It could be that the transaction timed out due to the time taken for Curve to attempt the transaction with both banks. Same as with Marian, this is likely just a regular decline that’s been dressed up a bit with extra steps but the Customer Experience team will be able to confirm this for you. :grin:

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@Curve_Joel thanks for the reply. I have sent a message to the customer experience team via in-app chat (“Need help with this transaction” link).

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Thanks for letting me know Marian, could you please do me a favour and let me know when the issue is resolved so I can check in with the agent working on this for you? The full details from your experience may be helpful for the thread. :grin:

On my side the Edit Priority button is simply missing. :man_shrugging:t2: I’m on the latest (non-beta) iOS version.

Hi @nick69g ,

Thanks for your feedback.

It should be possible to set up the rules you’re looking for. In this example, when adding card B you can set both a minimum and maximum value when setting the rule (i.e. >£50 AND <£100) which should allow you to then also add card C.

Hope this helps. Would be great to know how you get on!

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Hi @webbson

Thanks for this suggestion.

I would love to know more about why you would prefer these to specifically come off a different card to your usual ‘shopping’ card for example?

Hello @Oliverda
Can you please check that you have both amount and category smart rules?
We are hiding the Edit Priority button if a user has only one type of rule :slight_smile:

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Thanks for explaining how to do it.

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Ahh, so it’s a feature, not a bug. :slight_smile:

Hi @wojtek

It should be possible to set a currency within the amount rule- once you chose an amount (presumably a max to enable the rule for currency purchases), the currency changer can be found to the left of the amount by clicking the ‘£’ button and selecting another currency.

Hope this helps, feel free to add any further feedback you might have

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