Smart rules for individual retailers

It would be great if we could create smart rules for individual retailers. E.g. purchases on Amazon will always be charged on my credit card. Because there are certain retailers I always only use one card on. Or even subscriptions. Always charge Spotify ti bank card for example. Because it currently just charges the active card so I have to use go back in time a lot.


Yes. This. It’s what I assumed rules would be and it’s really annoying it’s not possible. Rules are useless to me without this, I don’t care about categories or amounts! I want to assign specific regular payments to the right card.

It’s because this isn’t possible that I just dropped back to the free tier as I don’t really need curve these days with Apple Pay universally accepted if curve doesn’t auto assign payments for me-I’ll just select the right card in Apple Pay instead

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I agree, absolute essential feature that need to be added ASAP.


I also agree. This feature must appear in the app. Current smart rules are too vague for my needs and possibly for many. I have five cards linked and some have to stay in one currency and some in the other, and if one is charged in a wrong currency it’s pretty bad and requires me to go back in time (and lower tiers of subscription don’t have this luxury of frequently using it, I happen to have black). There is no need for automatic detection of retailers. Even adding a smart rule to filter for specific phrase by ourselves such as “amazon” or “lidl” would be sufficient. This is how smart rules should work. They should enable us to give total control where transactions go, automatically. Right now it’s impossible. Vendor type is too vague because we can’t predict which one will be chosen by curve. Amount rule? That’s also not enough for 5 cards in two currencies. Such rules would be good for two cards in one currency. Please curve, that’s the one thing that would benefit us all. After all, you claim to have made a card to replace all other cards. I’d like to see this happen in one way or another, but certainly easy way for the user, and highly customizable.

Thank you for reading