Smart rules (still) broken

My smart rules was previously configured to charge card A when category “groceries” matches.
That rule were later deleted, remaining two rules said “card A if category is cash, card A if small amount”.

Card B were selected as active, card B is also the setting for anti-embarrassment. The currency on both cards are set the same.

However when a new charge comes for “groceries” of an amount larger than “small amount” which does not match any of the remaining rules, Curve still tries card A which gets declined. Curve also does not try the anti-embarrassment card B.

After disabling smart rules, charging card B works fine.

Exactly the same thing happened for category “eating out”. Card B was active, but card A was tried and declined with no anti-embarrassment trigger. Embarrassing :stuck_out_tongue:

Waiting for in-app support to get back on this.

If you have a Card C for anti embarrass mode, does that resolve? Possible to try?