Smart Rules

A few questions on Smart Rules:

  • Gas is a pretty common rewards category, can we get a smart rule for gas purchases?
  • It would be nice to be able to customize the rules more, for example, my travel card has rewards for hotels, flights, and car rentals. Right now, it appears flights and hotels are in the Travel category while car rental in in the Business Services category. Similarly, it would be awesome to choose specific retailers like Amazon or Target for the Shopping category.
  • What does the General category mean? Would that mean anything not covered by another rule would go to General?
  • Where can we see a list of MCC codes that are covered by each category?
  • How do I edit priority? The Support site says there should be a Edit Priority option under the rules I have created, but my app doesn’t have that.


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This is great feedback!

  • We’ll certainly pass along your feedback about adding gas to smart rule categories and customizing smart rules to be merchant specific.
  • The general spend category should include any successful transactions that are not included in one of the other smart rule categories. If you notice a transaction isn’t being categorized as “general” reach out to our support team, and we’d be happy to take a look!
  • We don’t currently have an MCC code list for each category, but we can look into seeing if this would be possible to provide.
  • Currently, the only way to edit priority is by the age of the smart rule (the first smart rule you create will be top priority) - Our Product team is diligently working to make prioritizing smart rules more efficient for our Users

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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The priority is for whether amount rules should apply before category rules and vice versa, not for the individual categories you chose

Ahhh… That makes sense! Thanks! Once I added an Amount Rule, the Edit Priority option became available. Perhaps they should add some clarity to the description at the top of the screen.

It would be save users a little time if the rules could be dragged to change their order. For instance if groceries was a 5% cash back category for a card one month you could just drag the current grocery card to the bottom (or the new one to the top). rather than deleting the rules and readding them to reorder them. Alternatively you could allow editing a rule to change the card used.

I was not sure what category included gas stations and which included drug stores. These are commonly bonused categories in the US. I understand that you may not be able to refine things that much but if not just clarity on which category includes that would help.

I know this is really feedback, but it seems I do not have the ability to add topics.

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I have checked and at this time one can only post in the Feedback US category if one is a member of the Curve US group. One can join this group here.

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Yes, I share the same sentiment regarding some of the suggestions above. Adding gas seems essential. The ability to drag rules is a uesr friendly enhancement.

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