SMS validation every time I open the Curve app

Hi there,
I have a Xiaomi Redmi 8T Pro, since Android 11 update arrived, every time I try to start the Curve App it always requires phone validation via sms, then ask my pin… it’s always success, but very annoying.
Before this update I needed this verification process only once, at the first start, then I can use biometrics to login.
Is there any option I can set to skip this validation process ?

Kind regards

@haades firstly thanks for reporting this.
Is it possible to try on another device as this should not be happening. Also thanks for giving you device information and OS version we will investigate it further.

Have you tried reinstalling the app since the OS update? Try this and let me know if it helps at all.

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Thanks, reinstall was the solution :slight_smile: Works fine .

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The OS update must have corrupted the app, glad it worked.

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