SMS verification code for adding to Google Pay not delivered

Issue: (one-sentence summary) SMS verification code for adding to Google Pay not delivered

How to reproduce it: Add a Curve card to Google Pay. You are prompted to enter the verification code; however no verification code is received.

This has all worked in the past; my phone number has not changed. I had to re-add all my cards to Google Pay and the SMS codes for Curve are just not being delivered. I’ve tried several times over the last week.

OS: Android 11

Device: Samsung S20+

App version: 7.42.2


Ah, seems to be a duplicate of this long-standing issue No SMS verification - #17 by M982

Putting a second SIM in my dual-SIM phone, then changing my phone number on the Curve account to the other phone number, and back again, allowed me to verify. (Note, I didn’t add any extra zeros to the phone number as mentioned in the other thread.)

Note that, in my case, I had successfully added the Curve card to my phone in the past - actually several times, due to new phones - and I had not changed my phone number since - but multiple attempts this week resulted in no SMS being received. Untill I did the trick of changing my phone number and changing it back.

Known issue indeed. Yes, even after you have been able to add the card to GooglePay before (I am talking from my experience here).

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