So long and thanks for all the

Due to a complete absence of any response to a support request via in-app chat, I eventually emailed support asking for my account to be closed.

After several days, I received a reply asking why, and could Curve do anything to help. I answered in some detail, citing unexplained failure of transactions, failed transactions remaining on my account as “pending” (and being charged to the underlying card) absence of support via the in-app chat and slow response via email.

A few days later I received a reply confirming that my account had been closed. No apology. No attempt to address the issues I’d raised. Just goodbye.

The message I take from this is that Curve staff know the problems won’t be solved and have pretty much given up.

Fortunately Curve doesn’t owe me any money (nor I them) so it’s a clean, if less than amicable, parting of the ways.


I’m sorry to hear that but in saying that your first dealing via email with the customer service team you did ask for your account to be closed.

Do you still want to keep your account open on here?

Hey @patrice58, I believe you are unfair in treating @mousebotherer like this.
He never said he changed his idea about closing the account: what he wanted to highlight, in my opinion, was that Curve staff didn’t show any care at all about a user leaving, even if the reason he was leaving was Curve failure in customer care.

They asked him why he was leaving (probably a canned response) and then, after he explained he was leaving because of the total lack of support, they didn’t show any interest and closed his account without even apologise.

To make an example, I had an issue with my broadband for about one month, so I decided to interrupt the contract with the broadband provider. Few days after, they called me (called, not emailed) and after I explained why I was leaving, they promised me to fix the issue and gave me 6 month of free broadband to apologise.

They made a mistake, but that is acceptable. Everyone can fail sometimes. But they apologised and showed they care about their customer.


@ivanbg Thanks for your concern about a fellow, now ex user of Curve’s service.

With any support system it’s first in first out*, now as the OP has said the first email he’d sent was him saying he wanted to leave. A second email was sent from Curve asking him why he wanted to leave. All the other communication was done over live chat.

Them actioning the request was the correct thing to do as he said he wanted his account closed. The follow up was them asking him why. Would further communication been beneficial? Absolutely. Did they have to reach back out after the 2nd email? Nope.

It’s unfortunate but I can understand why it happened the way it did.

*It should be at any rate.


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@patrice58 Not quite correct. @mousebotherer had in fact cited the fact that his initial request for assistance had met with no response, “Due to a complete absence of any response to a support request via in-app chat, I eventually emailed support asking for my account to be closed.” This led to the request eventually to close the account. His second detailed response should have led to a better response in terms of customer service.


Hi Noel, welcome back to the community. :wave:

Fortunately that was covered with my statement as follows. “All the other communication was done over live chat.” Meaning all the communication from himself.

Don’t worry I fully understood what had gone on before I responded to the original post above.

Thanks for your concern. :+1:

P. S. I’ve now seen the misunderstanding, I should have put your first dealing with the customer service team via email to remove all ambiguity. I’ll amend my post.

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To me, what speaks volumes, is the lack of response by anyone from the Curve Home Team to this thread.
Someone may say it was only posted on 4th December. A customer centric organisation would have made some sort of reply, if only a holding response, within 24 hours. I think @mousebotherer has proved his point. At least these days, negative comments on this forum tend to be left alone. A couple of years ago, I suspect the thread would have been deleted as ‘deemed inappropriate by more than 5 members’. Perhaps saying so is tempting fate!


Not only the in-app support is shit but Curve also abandoned this forum… Unbelievable…

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I’m sorry this was your experience with our customer experience team @mousebotherer, this isn’t the level of service we expect from our customer experience agents and our leadership team are working hard to change our customer service for the better in all aspects. In cases such as this, where an issue has been mishandled by the customer service team due to an error on Curve’s part, we have a complaints email that you can use to raise a complaint:

The complaints team are specifically trained to look at the sequence of events surrounding customer issues without a bias so that they can take action to correct any processes or approaches to customer service which have failed our customers. Please feel free to use this email to get in touch about your specific complaint so that the complaints team can use your negative experience to improve Curve’s service in the future.

Sorry again for this negative experience and I hope you’ll reconsider spending with Curve again in the future once our team have addressed your complaint in full.


I’m really struggling to see what point you are trying to make with your reply?
The poster never said they didn’t expect the account not to be closed, but the implied expectation or hope (by the very nature of the post) was that someone from curve might have reached out to try and fix the issues.
Your reply says to me "what’s the problem, the customer got what they wanted? They asked to close the account and it was closed. So what?
The customer didn’t get what they wanted or they wouldn’t have closed the account.
Personally I think your replies completely missed the point.


You might think that and you might be right but unfortunately it’s the OP option that I’m interested in as it was directed at him. He has yet to respond but thanks for your feedback.

If I sound dismissive I’m sorry but I don’t do people feeling offended for the person in question when the person in question hasn’t actually given an opinion either way.

I tried this after being ignored by your support team (with a Metal sub) and charged for a service I don’t want, and the complaints team haven’t got back to me either.

Are we really at the stage where we have to tweet Curve to actually get a response?

As someone who has been a Curve customer for years and part of the Crowdfunding, it’s just depressing to see what a disaster the company has become.


I can also confirm that customer care fall down in standard time to respons holded one year ago from 1 hour to over 4 days

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