Social Media Content- What catches your eye?

Hey again folks, :wave:

The Curve social media team want to know what content Curve users would like to see across our social channels and we’d love to get your opinion!

Please vote which two categories you think you’d be most likely to interact with and let us know if there’s something specific you’d like to see more of!

  • Educational Content: How to’s, general finance information, Curve app navigation
  • Fun Content: Joke posts, funny skits, informal chatting
  • Events Coverage: Press coverage, feature updates, other financial news
  • Interviews and AMAs: Behind the scenes interviews, technical explanations, Curve team visibility
  • Service Information: Immediate notice of downtime, bug-fixes, FAQ updates

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Generally, I think the best use of social media for existing users is information about the product: news, project status, upcoming features and updates…

And not only for existing users. At least, speaking for myself, it’s one of the first things I look for when exploring a new project: signs of active development, the more detailed and frequent the better.


Thanks for the extra insight @Nelthorim, it’s a great way to suss out a new product! I’ll pass your feedback along to the wider team. :grin: