Sodexo and edenred cards in curve

It is not possible to use these cards in curve even they are MasterCard cards… It would be great if we can add them to Curve. Because I don’t like to wear them all the time and they don’t have NFC.

Thank you!!

I’m not sure about sodexo but you can add edenred cards on Google pay and apple pay.

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I don’t think Curve could be able to add Sodexo, Edenred and others card restaurants.
There are some technical constraints as there are only accepted in some restaurants, supermarkets (on a selection of products).

Supermarkets also recognize these cards by the BIN (1st 6 digits) to block the payment for not allowed products (as non-foods, gaz etc.)

As @chevignon93 said you can add Edenred cards on Google/Samsung/Apple pay.

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