[solved] Potential double charge (paypal + curve)

I am in same situation now as described here → Double charge with PayPal - #3 by Ryuzaki23

Bought something via paypal+curve and there was some message in paypal that shop will do “temp auth” or something. And they did for full amount of purchase. And right after they took it again.

As I understand “temp auth” should stay as “pending” in Curve and clear off after few days, but it did not. Both charges shows as completed in Curve (and both shows as pending in linked card so far).

From paypal I got auto confirmation about my purchase (with correct amount).

Also in paypal I see notification about “pending transaction” with text “If the payment is voided for any reason, the pending amount won’t be charged. It may take a few days for this to show on your card statement.”

Will see, I hope it will not go thru in paypal and will be refunded.

Why do merchants do this anyway??? Why temp auth if they will take full amount right after? Is it some charge for them if there is not enough funds or what?

Update: Duplicate transaction now shows with “+” sign in Curve app. It is good sign. Need to wait now when it reflects in linked card.

Update 2:
3 days have passed and this is solved now (without involving support).
Both transactions shows as finished in underlaying card, but right after there is another incoming transaction from Curve with full amount. Nice!

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