Some cashbacks are not available in the "Rewards" tab

Hi everyone,

I heard that there was a 5% cashback when we made purchases on the Huawei website using Curve.
I created an account to test this, but I don’t see Huawei in my list of “Your offers” in the “Rewards” tab.

Is that normal ?

Hi, yes it is. I queried this only this morning with Curves social media team. They posted about getting 8% cashback through ‘rewards’ at Nando’s but this wasn’t appearing for me in the list. They advised:

Hey Joshua, rewards can vary between users and do update regularly. Be sure to check back for the most up to date deals available!

So I’ve learnt today that we ALL are offered various discounts, which seems odd. Not sure why? @Curve_Joel - any ideas?

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Hi both! You’re right @JoshuaBoots, the Rewards available to you in the Curve app will frequently update and won’t necessarily be the same as the next Curve user’s.

The potential value of these Rewards are not changed by subscription tier and will be unique to each user to provide a personalised experience. If you feel like you’ve missed out on a particular reward then be reassured that you’ll likely be able to use this reward in the future when your Rewards have been updated again.

The only reason a user may have access to a reward option that another user won’t is if they’re from different countries as the Rewards offering differ slightly between different regions based on which merchants are available. :grin:


Hi Joshua,
Thanks for sharing.

This explains a lot.


Thank you for taking the time to reply, and for being reactive.

Very helpful.

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Thank @Curve_Joel ! Admin did say they didn’t even have Nando’s within their list either, so it makes sense. The only issue I have now, is I promised the wife Nando’s this weekend on the assumption of 8% cash back! :weary::joy::sweat_smile:

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