Something weird with transaction

Bought something (3.80eur) with Curve card yesterday. Shows correctly in Curve app as done (not pending).

But in linked card app (monese) today I see this:

Not sure what is going on.
20:26 is correct purchase (done in Latvia).
Then in 06:20 next day pending +3,80eur (refund from Curve? wtf?)
And in 16:09 again +3,80eur (this time not pending) from Lithuania (wtf?)

This results incorrect balance in linked card account (+3,80eur more).

p.s. There is no trace of those “refunds” in Curve app.

You’ll find it’ll get taken after a few hours again. I’ve had this a few times!

Update: Finally fixed - correct balance now. Yesterday (06.05.2022) another transaction took away those 3.80eur and today long pending “+” transaction finally was cleared (balance not changed).

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