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Hi, I received a text message in Dec saying the card I ordered was on it’s way - only I had not ordered a card. I contacted support through the help pages and was told it was a scam text message, no new card was linked to my account (Black- Legacy card)
Then the new card arrives, with my name on it and the last 4 digits match what was in the text message.
I try and activate it and go round and round in circles - login, activate, which asks me to login again Ad nauseum.
Now my old card expires this month, was probably why I was sent a new one, only I can’t access the help pages, it gives me the error saying as in the title above and to check my connection, which of course is fine. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, can login fine but same issue with not being able to access the help pages.
Has anyone seen this before or have any (helpful) suggestions?

This is actually a (long) known issue for some users. :slightly_frowning_face:
Most of the time it is combined with being unable to contact Curve support from the app.


Support can be contacted by sending an email to
Help pages can be accessed by visiting


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