Something's gone wrong when trying to access account tab

Hello guys,

I have problem with this app since Saturday afternoon.

I cannot access to Account tab.

Wallet and My money tabs working fine so I can see informations, but if I go into Account tab I have got Something gone wrong error and also when I am trying to go into Settings, it says Something gone wrong either.

Retry button doesn’t solving the issue.

I have tried to clear cache, remove all data and also reinstall my app but no result. Same problem occurs.

I have attached screenshot showing my screen in the app.

I also rang yesterday wanted to speak with agent but all was shut so I have recorded message. If you received voice message and this email please respond as one.

Could you please assist with this please ? I must stress how important it is for me to have this option to amend my cards, lock them etc.

Thanks Adam G.

Make sure you have the latest app version installed, if that’s the case, please contact curve support about this issue by email ( Since this is a user community we don’t have access to your account.

Yeah I have lastest app on my phone. I also contacted them on email you provided by so far no response.
I also rang them on number and record the message.
It’s important for me to be solved because I cannot change any setup on my account.

I understand, but as I said, since this is a user community, we don’t have access to your account, so there is nothing we can do. If you have already mailed them, they will get back to you. Just be patient :slightly_smiling_face:.
If you might want to check if your email was received in good order, you can check with them on Twitter (AskCurve).

My Curve investor card is not loading in app and cannot access settings

This issue is an absolute joke since last week and making my Samsung pay app non operational. Emailed customer services since last week. Customer services said on they will call me back Thursday afternoon, never did. Cannot access virtual account details (curve settings broken - error message says something went wrong). Your dam right something went wrong. They don’t even call back to help. I tell you why… Because so many customers have the same problem which they still cannot fix. They did a software update on the app this afternoon, still no good. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, still no good. What’s going on. I have s21 Ultra 5g 500mbps download speed and the apps broken.

They’ve just pushed another update on Android again this evening (2nd one today), still no good !!! Why do update

No Android update on the app, however just checked my phone and is back up and running without errors… strange !!

What’s the point, the app is broken on Android

Hey, guys! Thanks for flagging this issue up, this was a bug we were aware of. I believe it’s generally been fixed now, so when you delete and reinstall the app to update it, it should be plain sailing. If you’re still experiencing the issue, give our support team a message and they’ll be able to figure out a fix!

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