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I’ve recently got a new curve blue card and I wanted to put some money on to it by transferring some from one of my other cards so I went on my banks app and did the send money option but it said I had to enter the sort code, so I looked on the curve card for it but I couldn’t find it. So what do I do if I want to transfer money over on to it?

? Sorry, i don’t understand why you would “PUT” money on Curve card… You cannot . Curve card is not a prepaid, or any kind of charged card . Curve agregates all your cards linked inside the appli.
When you use your Curve card, you use directly( it’s not directly , but does work like) the funds available on the underlying card selected. is it clear ?Pat

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Unfortunately that’s not how Curve works - it is not a separate bank account (like Monese, Starling, Revolut, etc.) thus has no sort code/account number - it is a way of amalgamating your existing debit/credit cards.

Thanks for the help, how do I add to the balance then displayed on the curve card on the app

That’s your cashback on spending - more info here: