Spare emergency backup card

Yesterday I had the unfortunate experience of getting half way through my weekly shop before I realised I had forgotten my wallet. Luckily, I had my Curve card on Samsung Pay. But I had to limit my shop to £45.

This is when I thought it would be good if I had a spare Curve card in my car.
A completely blank card with no card number and no contactless (just in case your car is stolen). So it would be just a chip & pin card for those emergencies.
Even if Curve charged a fee to buy one of these cards. I think it would be very useful and give peace of mind.

Why are you limited to £45 on Samsung Pay? I would think contactless payments limitson Samsung Pay are higher than when with physical card just like with Google pay or Apple pay

I’m not sure, I just assumed all contactless payments are limited to £45.

Update: Just looked it up on the Curve site and it says “There’s no limit on the value of Samsung Pay transactions, however, some merchants apply the contactless limit and only accept Samsung Pay payments up to £45”.
So I would have had to check with the supermarket to see if they have a limit or not.

Well my Partner uses Samsung Pay though not through Curve and they have on several times made transactions of £60+ with no problem.

Thanks, I didn’t know this.
I just looked on the supermarkets website and it does actually say that Samsung Pay is limited to £250. So thats good.