Speed Up The Curve App?

From launching the app to my saved cards populating so I can choose one, it regularly takes 20 seconds for the app to load. This is very inconvenient if I am at a register attempting to pay. 20 seconds is a LONG time when the cashier is staring at you, lol. Could the app be optimized to launch faster?


Hello @PaulieMyk,

it depends on your internet connection, local cache usage and your phone on how long the app needs to launch.

For me with an iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G it takes with Face ID 2-3 seconds to bring me to the card selection screen.

I have a decidedly mid range phone, a Pixel 4a. I would imagine low end phones would take forever if that’s the case. Curve is by far the app that the longest to load, so I would be very surprised if there’s not optimizations that could happen to speed things up?

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