Spend limit defunct

I have used my curve card nearly a year for everyting that I have had to pay - I have been very happy using it.

I have just got my GBP based card switched with a card in DKK. Before I got my card switched I was very dilligent and asked the support agent to make sure that my spend limit would follow me to the new card - which was confirmed. (I had earlier got my monthly and yearly limit extend upon giving extra information).

Today I had a transaction of DKK 1975 declined (I had earlier in the day made a transaction og DKK 493,-). My transaction of DKK 1975 was declined with reference to spend limit reached. I suspect that CURVE have mixed up earlier limit of GBP 2000,- and now applies the same “numerical” to the DKK issued card. (DKK 1975,- is about 230 GBP).

I have now send a ticket to support - But I do not find it logical that CURVE has established an anti embarrasement function - When own action causes embarrasement to customers who in no way are over theier limits?

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