Spend limits after downgrade from Metal to Blue

Recently downgraded to Blue after Metal subscription ended. Too may bugs and glitches and messed up transactions to continue with Metal subscription but willing to stick with Curve in the hopes things would get better.

Tried to check my limits in app to see if they had changed but Card Limits function doesn’t work in app (add that to the list).

So I contact support (a couple of times) and eventually get a reply. I’m told that after I downgraded from Metal to Blue, I was “migrated” to a new limits structure. I’ve gone from a GBP 9,000 per day spend limit to GBP 500 per day.

After two years as a Back and Metal subscriber, that’s pretty shabby.

So that’s me done.

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Your limits aren’t linked to your card level. When receiving a Curve card with a new BIN your limits are reset. Numerous examples of people reporting this has happened to them, can be found in this community, though most of them have upgraded (but the principle is the same when downgrading). Curve support should be able to set the limits back to your previous level.

The limits not showing in the app is also a known issue for new cards/customers.

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Probably if you just use if for a couple of weeks your limits will be increased automatically. At least that’s what happened when I first got my Curve card a few years ago.

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Hey @BOT, sorry to hear that your limits were lowered. As Paul mentioned, our support team can correct those for you. Just pop them a message through your in app chat or send them a DM at @askcurve on Twitter. Make sure to let them know that you previously had higher limits before downgrading.

I had exactly the same problem. They asked me to be re identified. I had been with curve metal for a few years when it came out. Downgraded as customer service poor, not receiving refunds to the right cards and or taking so long. So I had to take a selfie and pictures of id again. All really strange.

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