Spend PayPal balance with Curve?

That would be one of the reasons why I would switch to Curve. As far as I can see, generating a virtual Mastercard with Paypal is limited to the United States only. Since I come from Europe, I would like to tap into the Paypal balance through a physical card. I guess it makes sense in the end for Curve to be compatible with virtual accounts rather than other physical cards. If you have a physical card, usually you don’t bother to carry it in your wallet (old habits) as oppose to digital account, where there’s no other way on the market to attache it to the physical card. It would be an edge. New user segment, gamers etc.


In Germany you can add PayPal to Google Pay.

google pay is only available in couple of EU countries…
not in all

Is 17 supported countries in Europe a couple?

I would love this functionality implemented, not only to be able to pay with paypal balance, but also directly with the bank account and not using a card at all

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Hi @janw ,
what is your location? Because I tried to do what you advised, but after filling the card data, Curve reply that the card cannot be added.

Any further advises? Should I check this with support team?

Thanks and regards.