Spend Rewards?

Why does the app not show me my rewards in GBP? What use is the reward card it if I don’t know how much I have to spend?

I belive each reward point =1p so 100 rewards=£1


One point is equivalent to one pence (GBP) - so 100 points = £1.00 :slight_smile:

Can the app simply not show £1 as well as 100 points? I noticed in a screenshot on your website it does in fact show this as a feature but in reality the app update today does not show your rewards in pounds nor pence.

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I’ll check why it’s not incorporated on the latest version and will write an update as soon as I have the information.

Good catch - this will be corrected in a future release.

cc @Curve_Marie


@tinblue @Curve_Alejandro Maybe Curve cannot display the rewards in a real currency because Curve cannot hold any money …( no banking licence…) isn’t it ?
It’s more easy to display an amount of points, (easy to convert in pounds for the user himself), instead of XXXpounds, or XXXeuros, without having a banking licence…
I’m maybe wrong, but it’s my viewpoint… Pat.

We will make it possible again to click on the points balance to see it in GBP. It should be incorporated in the next app version :slight_smile:

Cc: @Patrick_BB

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Yeah ! ok, thanx Marie.