Spending abroad with Curve

Hi All!

I seem to find old topic’s or conflicting info regarding spending abroad. According to the website there are no fee’s for spending aboard? (subject only to limits and fair usage) (https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115005761905-Are-there-any-fees-associated-with-using-Curve-)

However there are old topics regarding the “weekend surcharge” for foreign transactions. Has Curve scrapped the weekend surcharge now Wirecard are out of the picture?

Weekend mark up/surcharge is still there:

If you make a withdrawal or purchase over the weekend and Curve performs a currency conversion, we’ll use the rate from Friday and apply a surcharge as the Forex markets are closed. The weekend counts as Friday 23:59 GMT - Sunday 23:59 GMT.

For transactions where both the transaction and the underlying payment cards are in GBP, USD or EUR, the foreign exchange fee will be 0.5%. For all other currencies, the foreign exchange fee will be 1.5%.

It’s hard to justify any surcharge really, seeing as fx rates are available 24/7 .

Isn’t the FX market closed on the weekend?

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