Spending limits not raised because not enough variety in spending

Consider yourself how heavily you want to rely on curve card.
I was one of the first clients. As a freelancer I found it useful to link different currency cards which allowed me to pay for different services in multiple currencies. I have linked around 15 cards and used curve card nr on many sites (like paypal, hosting companies, domain name providers, ebay etc.)
One day my payment was declined and I discovered that I hit my annual card spending limit (10k).
After multiple attempts to contact the support finally after 5 days I got a response: “…unfortunately we wont be able to raise the limits because youve not yet had enough of varied spend amount of transactions to meet the minimum for an upgrade”.

I’ve ended up with £2 daily limit card and bunch of my services hanging on a declined card.
The support lady completed the conversation with smart advice: “keep spending with small transactions and come back in a month time. Who knows - maybe we will do the upgrade…”

Just saying… consider how much you want to rely on this card.