Stacking Cashback - Tesco Debit / Alternatives?

Hi everyone,

Love curve, the app, the design, but I’m starting to wonder if it actually benefits me. When I first signed up to Curve I was imagining moving to the Metal subscription within a month, but now it’s been a couple months and I’m wondering if it really benefits me.

Previously - I use either my Amex @ 1-1.25% or Tesco Debit card @ 2% in Tesco or 1/8% out of Tesco.

I figured with Curve I could pay at Tesco, get 1% Curve Cashback, but I was hoping to maintain some Tesco benefits. But when paying at Tesco with Curve (linked to Tesco Debit) it is treated as a non-Tesco transaction so only gives me 1 point per every 8£ spent (instead of 2 for every 1£ spent).

Does anyone else have this problem, or any recommendations for ‘stacking’ cashback?


Hi @Naem,

In terms of getting rewards from your underlying payment card this will depend on whether you normally get rewards/points for all spend on your credit card or only for spend at particular retailers.

If you get rewards for all spend, then you will still receive these from your credit card provider!

If your credit card only gives rewards at certain retailers or types of retailers, then you wouldn’t receive the rewards from the credit card because Curve transactions are recognised as coming from Curve, not the original retailer.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, yes that makes sense but one of the YouTube reviews I watched had this wrong then!!

I’m on the bring Amex back bandwagon then :slight_smile:

Another alternative is to sign up to Medicash or similar and use the perks…

Medicash uses Perks at Work, which gives you Tesco gift cards with 4% off, Sainsbury’s with 5% off etc.

Only accepts Visa and Mastercard for payment though :joy: