Staff interests at Curve

Hey everyone :wave:

Our London based team recently took another climbing trip and it inspired me to give a bit of a peek behind the curtain at Curve.
We have a rich culture within the team and take part in a wide range of activities after work hours across the team. Here’s some of the non-work-related channels we have internally which help us to express ourselves alongside our work:

  • Curve-Climbs-Walls: This is where members of the team organise to go climbing. :woman_climbing:

  • Pets: They’re fluffy, they’re scaley, they’re feathery- if they’re cute then they’re shared here. :guide_dog:

  • Gaming: After-hours gaming in the conference room and chatting about new releases in this one. :video_game:

  • Dungeons-And-Dragons: A small council of game masters work to bring a rich adventure to interested members of the team. :dragon_face:

  • Plants: If I had half the green thumb shown in this channel I might be able to keep plants alive. :cactus:

  • So-You-Think-You-Can-Cook: A channel for people who love cooking amazing food. :curry:

  • Foodies: A channel for people who should be extra nice to the people from the channel above. :plate_with_cutlery:

  • 5-A-Side: A channel for all our football players (preferably with 4 friends). :soccer:

  • Movies-and-Theatre: Film, television and theatre enthusiasts with the occasional spoiler. It’s worth it for the quality recommendations. :film_strip:

  • Book-Club: Same as the above but at a much slower pace. :open_book:

  • Dad-Jokes: The latest was " Why is there so much dust in space? Because it’s a vacuum.", so make of that what you will. :older_man:

Do you have your own interests that you’d like to talk about here on the Community? That’s exactly why we have the Off-Topic category- It’s guaranteed someone will share your interest so don’t hesitate to start a thread! :heart:

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